Sameer Joad, a.k.a SJ was born in India in the state of Rajasthan in 1991, he is currently 20 years old. Sameer Moved to Doha, Qatar when he was 7 years old along with his family and has spent most of his childhood in Qatar. When he was 19 he moved to Dubai, UAE to study as an undergraduate at Heriot Watt University, Dubai Campus. He is currently a 2nd year student for the Civil Engineering Bachelors program. He is a resident of Qatar, UAE and a Citizen of India.

Sameer is an aspiring writer, blogger and a self made entrepreneur. He runs several blogs and wants to become a published author and novelist. According to sameer, he has been blogging since he was 10 when he started his first blog using blogger. His earliest intrest in writing developed when he fell in love with a local magazine called the ‘Young Times’, a part of the Khaleej times Newspaper from the UAE. Sameer developed early writing habits by participating in essays and writing competitions, he also kept a personal diary which to this day no one has read.

Sameer’s Interests shifted towards Internet Marketing when he came across a ebook from a well known ‘Guru’. He got so involved into Online Riches that he spent nearly 5 years learning new things, the results of which were many websites and blog which to this day continue to run. Sameer considers himself as an Internet Marketer and has never since given up on the IM dream.

Sameerjoad.com was started in early 2009 as a birthday gift from his dad (who paid his first hosting bills). Since them sameer has evolved from a blogger to a writer and a freelancer, earning around $6,000 in his first 2 years online. Most of the income came from freelance writing and programming. Sameer also developed many facebook applications which continue to run to this day. However all the money which he earned during his first 2 years online were virtually useless to him since paypal does not allow withdrawal of money for Qatari account holders. This resulted in more intrest towards Adsense, CPA and Affiliate based ventures for Sameer. To this day sameer has spent nearly $5000 on MMORPGs, he is a gaming addict and still plays many mmorpgs and runs many fan sites for the same, even though he vows to never play a game again every year.

Sameer wishes to inspire others and at the same time motivate himself to build a passive income online so that he can live a unique and stress free lifestyle in the future. He also has a great interest in traveling and would love to go on a world tour with his own hard earned money.

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